Rencontres nationales du Transport Public

Event type : Trade fair
Date : 2011
Participants : 5 000
Exhibitors : 151

3 days
13,000 m² of exhibition space
6,000 m² of catering area
The Stand Design Studio of Strasbourg événements designed major stands (including GIE Objectif Transport Public’s stand - the organiser - and the Alsace Region’s stand), as well as the Bar and Reception areas

Where better than Strasbourg, a pioneer when it comes to green mobility, to host, at the Exhibition Park, this national event organised by the GART (Group of Transportation Authorities) and the UTP (Union of Public Transportation and Railways)?
With its innovative public transportation policy, Strasbourg has set itself apart from the rest for intermodal transportation: its town centre has been pedestrianised since 1980, it has the biggest tramway network in France, 536 km of bike paths, the Vélhop self-service bicycle system, and a car-sharing system. Strasbourg is reaping the benefits of its ambitious policy, becoming the only French metropolitan area (outside of Paris) with a proportion of car use as a mode of transport below 50%.