Where to stay

A very special welcome, with the following hotels located less than 10 minutes from the Convention Centre and Exhibition Park:

An enormous range of hotels, including:

1 five-star hotel, with 153 rooms in total

14 four-star hotels, with 1,198 rooms in total

29 three-star hotels, with 1,797 rooms in total

20 two-star hotels, with 908 rooms in total

17 one-star or unclassified hotels, with 913 rooms in total

with 2 four-star hotels opposite the Convention Centre, with 243 and 170 rooms

1,101 rooms in apartment hotels with between 2 and 4 stars
over 2,000 more rooms within a 20km radius of Strasbourg


+ 1 five-star hotel with 105 rooms

+ 4 four-star hotels with 246 rooms in total

+ 6 three-star hotels with 532 rooms in total


Eclectic cuisine

Over a hundred restaurants can be found in Strasbourg, from renowned starred restaurants to cosy little winstubs (literally "wine rooms"), themed bars, piano bars, music cafes, discos and several boat bars docked along the river Ill.


A lively cultural scene

Strasbourg, the city of 9,000 events - from concerts to operas, and ballets to classical or modern theatre - is one of Europe's most active cultural destinations.

It features 10 museums – a modern art museum, a decorative arts museum, a fine arts museum, a historical museum, a natural history museum, an archaeological museum, a zoological museum, and more. In addition, you can find one national music conservatoire, one opera hall, one concert arena, around ten theatres, and several well-known festivals: Musica; Jazzdor jazz festival; France's oldest classical music festival; Artefacts; the Contre-temps electro festival, etc.



From small independent shops to luxury boutiques, large international brands to shopping malls, there's something for everyone in Strasbourg, along the tram lines right to the heart of the historic part of town.

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