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Discover Strasbourg

Strasbourg, the seat of the European institutions and France's second-largest diplomatic city, occupies a privileged position at the heart of Europe. A pioneer in transport, the city boasts France's first tramway network. Strasbourg airport is just 9 minutes from the city centre. Medium and long-distance connections are further enhanced by 7 international airports less than 2h30 away. Strategically located at the heart of the Rhine basin, Strasbourg is a laboratory for innovation. The fourth largest university in France, with 2,800 researchers, it is the only French university to have 5 active Nobel Prize winners.

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7 raisons de choisir Strasbourg pour vos événements :
> a lively city with a well-developed events offering
> an international city, home to the European institutions​​​​​​​
> easy, fast access​​​​​​​
> a friendly city with an attractive hotel offer​​​​​​​
> a city of excellence and knowledge​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
> two UNESCO World Heritage sites​​​​​​​
> a gourmet region, with renowned vineyards and gastronomy



Europtimist Strasbourg

At the heart of Europe and open to the world


Europtimist = A state of mind, unique to Strasbourg, which encourages the city and its inhabitants to look on the bright side of things, while acting to change them.
With its 33 communes grouped around Strasbourg, the Eurometropole's major asset is above all the quality of life offered by France's leading cycling city, its 344 hectares of parks and gardens and its 9,000 annual cultural events.

Strasbourg's Eurometropole is also home to a very wide range of business sectors (industry, crafts, commerce, health, tourism, digital, logistics, higher services, etc.), allowing for the cross-fertilisation of ideas, experimentation and creativity, as well as resilience in times of crisis.

It is an employment area with a wide range of professions, facilitating the emergence of cutting-edge, sought-after skills.

"A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.."
Winston Churchill

An ethical and ecological city that welcomes, promotes and supports innovation

The presence of the European institutions and the major social debates that animate them give life to Strasbourg's humanist vision. Satellite and daring events, supported and promoted by the community, regularly take place in the heart of the city: gender equality, human rights and bioethics are all subjects that are discussed with citizens. It's another marker of democracy. It's an employment area with a wide range of professions, facilitating the emergence of cutting-edge, sought-after skills.


Strasbourg figures

> 1H45 from Paris by TGV

2nd largest river port in France

More than 60,000 university students

N°1 cycling capital in France and 5th in the world

N°1 in France for the largest tram network

More than 150 nationalities study at the university

6,000 international surgeons trained in minimally invasive technologies

N°1 for the best restaurants in the world

N°1 best restaurant in the world according to TripAdvisor

5 Nobel Prize winners

World's top 10 cities where employees are happiest at work