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Du 19/09/2024 au 20/09/2024

Welcome to the Driving Simulation Conference Europe 2024 VR website!

The Driving Simulation Conference gathers driving simulation specialists from the industrial and academic communities as well as commercial simulation providers. This 23rd edition follows that of 2023, held in Antibes, in a hybrid version with about 300+ participants. The exhibition is coming back towards more than 40 professional exhibitors and up to 400 on site participants. With about 80 speakers in scientific and industrial product solution sessions, keynotes, tutorials and round tables, you will get the latest trends in XIL (MIL, SIL, HIL, DIL, VIL, CIL) and XR simulation for ADAS, automotive HMI and driving simulation design, motion sickness and rendering, as well as connected and autonomous vehicle verification and validation.

Themes include state of the art in driving simulation technology, research and developments, extended with progressively emerging virtual and augmented reality (XR) developments. This year’s program will also host a special session on virtual validation and certification tools for autonomous and connected vehicles along with advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) applications. Human factors and motion rendering nevertheless will stay as a now traditional axes of the conference.

You are welcome to the DSC 2024 Europe Conference organized by the Driving Simulation Association, in cooperation with Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology and Gustave Eiffel University, 

held on September 18-20 in Strasbourg for the conference and exhibition!